Hello there. Dr. Jenna Bourgeois performed my bilateral breast reduction on 4/19/18. From the day we met, I absolutely fell in love with her southern bell attitude. She was so confident that she was going to perform my surgery, that at my FIRST consultation appointment, I had a pre op & surgery date. Keep in mind, I have one of the worst insurance companies in history. My deductible is extremely high. Did that get in her way? No! Within two weeks, I received a call from Dr. Jenna’s office stating that I did get denied at first, but with her persistence, I was APPROVED!

I couldn’t have chosen a better surgeon! On the morning of my surgery, she was on time & just as bubbly as expected. My surgery was performed at Women’s Hospital. From the time I walked into that facility at 4:45 am, I was TOP priority! The staff there was AMAZING! During my recovery, Dr. Jenna personally contacted my family & gave them every update there was to give. My aftercare was shocking not only to myself, but Dr. Jenna too. I never experienced any significant pain. I did experience muscle spasms in my chest area due to my large breast size. I was a 42 DDD/F. I’m still unsure of my exact size because I’m only 6 weeks post op. Dr. Jenna suggested sizing around 3 months. Sorry if this is kind of long, but I can go on & on about this experience. Let’s just say, Dr. Jenna is my SUPERWOMAN! I absolutely love & adore her.

My Life Changer ????