Jennifer is the friendly face that helps initiate care at our office and is most patient’s first point of contact at Bourgeois Freel Plastic Surgery. She answers phone calls, schedules patient appointments, and coordinates all clinic visits for our patients.



Lindsay is the Practice Manager for Bourgeois Freel Plastic Surgery. She keeps everything running smoothly and is available to answer questions for our patients.



Kelee is the surgery scheduler and insurance coordinator. She provides financing information for our patients, coordinates surgical care, and initiates all insurance claims. She will guide you through the scheduling and pre-operative process.



Shelby is Dr. Bourgeois‘s medical assistant. She assists in clinic and in minor office procedures, provides patients with all post-operative care instructions, and is available for patient questions before and after surgery.



Ronnie is the operating room nurse and OR manager. She assists our patients every step of the way from arrival to departure. She makes sure that our patients are very comfortable through the whole surgical process.