Jenna M. Bourgeois MD Testimonials

Jenna M. Bourgeois MD Testimonials

Dr. Bourgeois is an outstanding surgeon and I would recommend her to anyone. She is friendly and kind, takes the time to make sure you understand all aspects and details of your procedure, and makes you feel very comfortable in what is a naturally uncomfortable situation. Her staff is extremely friendly and her office is easy to get in touch with and answer any questions or concerns you may have. My day of surgery and recovery went smoothly and easily because of Dr. Bourgeois‘s care. My only regret is that I did not get in touch with Dr. Bourgeois sooner because she is THAT fantastic. I could not be happier with my results.

Catherine Traylor

Dr. Jenna Bourgeois is the most caring and delightful doctor I have ever met. Her bedside manner is wonderful. She is there for you after surgery and called me several times to check on me as my surgery was done during the Thanksgiving holidays. The office was closed but Dr. Bourgeois was still working.
She is an excellent surgeon and my procedure was a complete success. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Bourgeois and her team. If I ever need plastic surgery again, she will be my doctor. I recommend her to all who ask!

D. Henson

I never expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38, but I was referred to Dr. Bourgeois for my breast reconstruction following my bilateral mastectomy. I was told she is the best at what she does- and she truly is.
I knew from my first appointment with Dr. Bourgeois that I had made the right choice for my plastic surgeon. Her smile and compassion immediately put me at ease. She took the time to listen to all of my concerns and answer every question that I had. Its obvious that she truly cares about her patients.
Aside from being one of the nicest medical professionals I’ve ever encountered, Dr. Bourgeois does amazing work! I have gotten so many compliments on what beautiful work she has done (from both people in the medical field and otherwise).
But most importantly, she has made ME feel BEAUTIFUL again.
Additionally, Dr. Bourgeois‘ nurse, Sarah has always been so accommodating and available to help with any questions or issues I had.
The journey through breast cancer can be tough- both physically and emotionally. I know there is no better plastic surgeon I could have chosen for mine.
I have recommended Dr. Bourgeois and will continue to do so, because I truly believe she is the best in the field.

K Copeland

She’s the best very caring Dr. My whole Family Love her I’m so glad I met her and she did a great job .

G Byrd

I’ve struggled with large breasts most of my life. I’ve always wanted a reduction, but was hesitant because it was such a large surgery. After my consultation with Dr. Bourgeois I felt reassured and confident a reduction would make my way of life so much better. And it has! Dr. Bourgeois is professional, has a great bedside manor and just the sweetest! Never once did I doubt her capabilities. I feel like a new woman; best decision I ever made. Staff was kind and helpful. The experience, as a whole, was personal. They took the time to get to know me and made me feel valued, and not just another patient. Absolutely great experience and a great team! I’ve already recommended Dr. Jenna, and I will continue to do so!

L. D. Moreau

Dr. Bourgeois and her team are awesome! Dr. Bourgeois has an incredible bedside manner. She always ask about other family members. You know you are in good hands no sooner than you meet her. She has an outgoing personality, and if you feel bad she always tries to make you feel better before you leave her office. She also does not force procedures on you that you are unsure about. But wants to make sure you are completely healed before you go into something else. Never rushed you or makes you feel uneasy about questions or how you look. I would give her 10 star if I could. Don’t ever change the way you treat your patients or your bedside manner. Teach others how to treat patients.

P. Rayborn

Dr. Bourgeois is absolutely incredible. I was going back and forth with the idea of getting a breast reduction at such a young age due to the fact of the risks and how life changing it would be. After meeting with Dr. Bourgeois for the first time I felt a sigh of relief. She was the most respectful and compassionate physician I’ve ever met! Her bedside manner alone was comforting. Her and her staff made me feel safe and like I was in great hands! I’d recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Dr. Bourgeois and staff for a great life changing experience!

H. Oncale

I had been debating about having an eyelid lift for quiet awhile. Had seen a couple of physicians and kept putting the surgery off. I ask a friend of mine who she would suggest and she said Dr. Jenna Bourgeois. I made the appointment and loved her immediately! She covered everything about the surgery to the point I had no questions. The surgery went amazing! I can see better now and don’t have the lids hanging over my eyes. One of my friends said “your eyes are so blue”. It helps when they open all the way. I love Dr. Bourgeois and would recommend her to anyone! You would be in great hands!

B. Hullinger

Hello there. Dr. Jenna Bourgeois performed my bilateral breast reduction on 4/19/18. From the day we met, I absolutely fell in love with her southern bell attitude. She was so confident that she was going to perform my surgery, that at my FIRST consultation appointment, I had a pre op & surgery date. Keep in mind, I have one of the worst insurance companies in history. My deductible is extremely high. Did that get in her way? No! Within two weeks, I received a call from Dr. Jenna’s office stating that I did get denied at first, but with her persistence, I was APPROVED!

I couldn’t have chosen a better surgeon! On the morning of my surgery, she was on time & just as bubbly as expected. My surgery was performed at Women’s Hospital. From the time I walked into that facility at 4:45 am, I was TOP priority! The staff there was AMAZING! During my recovery, Dr. Jenna personally contacted my family & gave them every update there was to give. My aftercare was shocking not only to myself, but Dr. Jenna too. I never experienced any significant pain. I did experience muscle spasms in my chest area due to my large breast size. I was a 42 DDD/F. I’m still unsure of my exact size because I’m only 6 weeks post op. Dr. Jenna suggested sizing around 3 months. Sorry if this is kind of long, but I can go on & on about this experience. Let’s just say, Dr. Jenna is my SUPERWOMAN! I absolutely love & adore her.

My Life Changer ????

T. Hayward

Dr. Bourgeois is a perfectionist and also one of the most delightful people you will ever meet. A breast cancer diagnosis can be daunting and the decisions that you have to make can become overwhelming but Dr. Bourgeois and her staff carefully explained the options, procedures and insurance details necessary for reconstruction surgery. She was patient with our multitude of questions and was able to put both my husband and me at ease. I have avoided going to the doctor for most of my life but for the first time that I can remember (and I’m not that young anymore), I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Bourgeois and Sarah. In addition to being a tremendously gifted doctor, she is sweet and compassionate. She was truly God’s blessing to us on this journey and we are grateful for her expertise.

L. Marchand

When I went to see Dr. Bourgeois for a breast reduction consultation I wasn’t expecting any miracles I just wanted relief from the excessive weight I was carrying. I have a surgical history of multiple levels of my cervical spine being fused, I have a spinal cord stimulator in my upper and lower back, multiple shoulder surgeries and lower back surgeries. I have been treated with epidural steroid injections, Botox injections in my neck and shoulder muscles trying to relieve the pain and discomfort I have been in for so many years. I was at a dead end, running out of options fast. I went into my consultation with such a negative outlook because I was so miserable and just tired. When I finished I couldn’t have been more excited and that was just to hear how optimistic Dr. Bourgeois was about the procedure. After the surgery I had instant relief from a lot of my neck and arm pain. I never would have imagined that I would have noticed a change that fast. The surgery/recovery was easier than I thought, the outcome is beyond anything I could have ever wished for. Dr. Bourgeois has been amazing, she gave me the miracle I never let myself even think about. Sarah, her nurse, the office staff and the staff at Woman’s Hospital in the out patient surgery department have all been top notch, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you Dr. Bourgeois for doing what you do best. You have no idea how much you have changed my life. Also, thanks to everyone on your team that had a role in my journey.

S. Delee

Dr. Bourgeois is amazing! I am so happy that I chose her to do my breast reduction. She was the first surgeon I spoke with and after seeing her I didn’t want to go anywhere else. I was very comfortable speaking with her because she was kind, honest, and very patient. She answered every question that I had and I like that she did not sugar coat anything. She was very thorough and took her time with my reduction because my results are amazing!!! I recommend Dr. Bourgeois to anyone considering a breast reduction!

A. Newton